The adventures of greed and bad luck in the grand prize

24 January 2022

Do you want to win a grand prize too? Who does not want ?!


This award is a significant amount that many of us may not experience in our lifetime. For many participants in fortune-telling, losing is an imperfect but temporary event. Unfortunately, some participants do everything they can to win the grand prize, and when they fail, they try to seize the money won by other participants. The following stories tell the story of several winners.


It is not that simple!


Andy Ashkar was convicted in July 2013 of illegally seizing $ 5 million worth of stolen property belonging to a New York lottery prize. He was the son of an ordinary shopkeeper who worked behind the counter and handled lottery tickets. When the lottery winner Robert Miles called him to get his money, Andy tricked him and paid him only $ 4,000.


Andy Ashkar picked up the ticket and fled. Unfortunately, Robert Mills could not prosecute him due to his cocaine addiction. The story continued until Andy claimed he was the actual owner of the property to receive the money. And now Robert Mills, with a fortune of more than $ 5 million, is pleased that Andy Ashkar did not receive the money at the time because he had an utterly irresponsible life. However, he also regrets Andy's sentence of eight years in prison.

Harmful separation!

Of course, stealing your winning lottery ticket from a cashier is a bad thing, but cheating by a close family member is much more painful. After 25 years of living together, Thomas Rossi's wife filed for immediate divorce! After winning a $ 1.3 million lottery in California, Dennis decided to divorce to prevent his wife from paying her share.


Dennis did not win the grand prize after divorcing his wife and failing to hide the amount won. Instead, the family court awarded a total of $ 1.3 million to her ex-husband Thomas Rossi for violating the property declaration laws !!


For a fistful of dollars!


Sometimes it's not just the greedy person who loses. For example, the Agricultural Bank of China lost more than 51 million yuan (about $ 7 million) due to the robbery of two of its employees in the treasury for gambling. Two thieves, Xiaofeng Ren and Xiangjiang, were sentenced to death after they revealed they had estimated the theft and the total amount.


Win in favor of the police department!


A Medford police station said they had illegally purchased the $ 1 million lottery ticket. After police discovered that Christina Goodenow had bought her lottery ticket with a stolen Visa card, they confiscated her winning money. They confiscated it for the benefit of the police department. The police department is allowed to confiscate illegally obtained assets.


Do not be greedy.


The only thing worse than losing is losing again. Sometimes you have to know when to stop doing something. Do not be fooled by the prize money. If you can not take responsibility for the loss, then participating in the lottery (gambling) may not suit you. Iran Lotter ensures that the winning tickets reach the actual owner. You may not win a grand prize, but remember that all lotteries help people in need and charities.

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